Fischborn – born for wine

Our slogan shows what it‘s all about: how much our family is born for the vineyards and for the wine. We naturally center our lives around the cultural asset wine already for generations.

Our Winery Fischborn Bergeshof arose from two wineries. On the one hand the parental winery of Ruth, the Bergeshof, on the other hand, the parental business of Andreas from Badenheim. You meet us at the Bergeshof in Dexheim. This winery is our home now.

Both wineries have grown wine for many generations, they have gained good and not so good experiences, and they have passed these experiences to the next generation.

The profound experiences of Andreas and Ruth in the sensitive maturing of wines are extremely valuable for their sons Eric and Martin. Each vineyard has its own strengths which we want to exploit as winemakers. In our winery, the location of the vineyards has a great impact on the style of our wines, since our grapes grow in 14 different wine-growing districts in Rhinehessen.

We as a family manage to understand tradition and to approach modernism. Attributes like cohesion, diligence and courage mean a lot to us. This attitude towards our products makes us a reliable winery for a high-quality glass of wine.